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Are you facing drug charges?

Drug-related convictions bring very serious penalties and have negative consequences across your life. As the charges are more severe, prosecutors frequently become more aggressive. Frequently, recreational possession charges bring minimal penalties and can avoid punishments by utilizing rehabilitative programs as recommended by prop 36. However, facing charges of distributing illegal drugs is much more serious. It is imperative that you recruit professional legal counsel early on.

Being arrested for distributing narcotics like cocaine, meth, marijuana, heroin, ecstasy, and other prescription drugs brings harsh mandatory prison sentences and other restricting consequences. Convictions bring varying degrees of punishment depending on the drug, amount, and prior criminal record. So-called enhancement crimes possibly double or triple the potential sentence. In California, those three enhancement crimes are distributing drugs to people under 21, distribution near a school, or helping someone under the age of 18 violate narcotics laws.

It doesn’t matter what charges you face, our law firm will fight for the best outcome. We know you are under a great deal of stress and we are ready to provide attention and assistance. We are skilled in drug-related cases and will try to win acquittal or leniency.

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