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We are attorneys Michael Abrate and Daniel Olsen of the Abrate & Olsen Law Group. After serving the public as Deputy District Attorneys for Sacramento County, we opened our law office in 2014. We are dedicated to providing you with a superior level of legal service and the guidance you deserve. As a boutique law firm, you will get the personal attention that your current legal issue requires. We are confident that you will join our current clients in their assertion that we are the best attorneys in Sacramento for estate planning, startup business development and criminal defense litigation.

More importantly, we are here to help guide you through many legal issues you may be currently facing. With our law office conveniently located in the City of Sacramento, we are locally available for a free personal consultation to better understand your current situation.

There are many reasons people may hesitate to contact an attorney. You may currently be in a situation where you need legal guidance or representation and you don’t know what to do or where to start. Luckily, you have taken the first step in finding us and we can help you through it. We take pride in our reputation for prompt, personal attention in understanding the current legal issue that you are facing.

We can’t eliminate the need for attorneys, but we can help take away that cloud of uncertainty, working hard to provide the specialized legal services you need in the professional manner you expect.

Legal Services | Estate Planning, Business Development, & Criminal Defense

Providing personal legal services to the Greater Sacramento Area is the focus of the Abrate and Olsen Law Group. Our law office combines years of legal experience serving Northern California clients with the personal attention your legal issue deserves. Attorneys Michael Abrate and Daniel Olsen are dedicated to taking the time needed to best represent your estate planning, business formation, and criminal defense legal needs.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is a necessary aspect of life, and the Abrate & Olsen Law Group is here to help you through every step of the process. We will help ensure your assets are in order and will be distributed to your heirs without unnecessary state or probate taxes.  Years of experience and our comprehensive estate planning strategy put your mind at ease and take the stress away when you understand your legal options and have an estate plan personally tailored your needs.

Business Formation / Start-Up

Starting a new business in Sacramento is a huge accomplishment and major investment into your future. Consulting with a law office that understands the unique laws for doing business in the State of California, Sacramento County, and specific cities is the first step in building your successful business. At the Abrate & Olsen Law Group we have successfully helped clients navigate the legal issues that come with business formation and business start-up. Our work has been acknowledged by Sacramento Magazine’s 2017 Top Lawyers List for Business Law Attorneys.

Criminal Defense

Hiring the best criminal defense Lawyer to represent you for your current legal issue, ensures that your rights are protected. As former Sacramento County Deputy District Attorneys, we use our experience and professional relationships to provide you with the best legal defense available. As a member of the National Top 100 Trial Lawyers, you can rest assured that your current legal issue will receive the personal attention needed to produce the best criminal defense possible.


Michael Abrate and Daniel Olsen met while attending the McGeorge School of Law and then worked together serving the public as Deputy District Attorneys for the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office. In 2014 Mike and Dan partnered together to open the Abrate and Olsen Law Group in Sacramento.

Since opening the law offices, our goal has been to provide our clients with a high level a personal attention and understanding they deserve. As a small boutique law firm, we are committed to our pledge:

“At Abrate & Olsen, our clients’ needs are our professional and personal priority. You deserve the best in the business.”

As a client, you will have the peace of mind that your legal issue is being handled by two of the best Sacramento attorneys. With years of experience in estate planning, business law, and criminal defense, we are able to combine education, experience, and professional relationships to develop a legal strategy that is tailored to your unique needs.

Sacramento attorney Daniel Olsen is a Northern California native graduating from both University of California Davis and the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law. Dan is a former Deputy District Attorney serving the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office. Dan has been named one of the Top 100 Trail Lawyers by The National Trial Lawyers and one of 2017 Sacramento Magazine Top Lawyers for business law. Since opening his own Sacramento office in 2010, Dan has focused his practice representing clients on estate planning, business formation, and criminal defense.
Sacramento attorney Michael Abrate is a lifelong Sacramento, California resident, graduating from both California State University Sacramento and the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law. He is a former Deputy District Attorney serving the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office. Mike has been selected as a 2017 and 2018 California Super Lawyer Rising Star List. Mike now focuses his areas of practice representing clients on estate planning, business formation, and criminal defense.



Abrate and Olsen Law Group

– 2008, Mike Abrate

After graduating McGeorge School of Law, Michael went on to become a prosecutor for the Sacramento County District Attorney’s office where he quickly became one of the more successful prosecutors in the county.

– 2010, Dan Olsen

Upon graduation from McGeorge School of Law, Dan worked as a county prosecutor for 2 years at the Sacramento DA’s office.  In 2010, he launched his own practice, Olsen Law, specializing in Criminal Defense Law. For 5 years, he has built a very successful practice and was selected as one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by The National Trial Lawyers Institute.

– 2014 , Abrate & Olsen

Michael Abrate and Dan Olsen, after meeting in Law school at McGeorge and working together at the DA’s Office in Sacramento, have joined together to form the Abrate & Olsen Law Group, specializing in Business and Estate Planning.


  • Establishing a Living Trust, Why?

    There are many different reasons why someone would decide to implement a revocable living trust; whether you are trying to protect property for certain beneficiaries, attempting to reduce or eliminate estate taxes, or even to manage the property upon your incapacity; the reasons are very real and very personal.

    While a living trust is not for everyone The Abrate & Olsen Law Group is here to help. In most cases the final decision is based on what makes more sense for the specific situation. We are all here to help you make that right decision for you.

  • Revocable Living Trusts

    The Abrate & Olsen Law Group is experienced in establishing, maintaining, and fine tuning revocable living trusts for clients. Whether there is property owned in one state or multiple states, it is crucial to have a living trust in effect to protect your loved ones.  First of all they will avoid being drug through probate courts for up to several years. Your loved ones will have almost immediate access to the properties no matter the state they are located. This will also allow them access to the necessary funds available in such a stressful and highly financed time in their lives. The individuals stated in the revocable living trust will be relieved they are not tied down to the probate in times this sensitive.

  • The Power of Power of Attorney

    The Abrate & Olsen Law Group has handled numerous revocable living trusts with springing power of attorney that have delivered nothing but relief to those involved. During the initial phase of determining your incapacity your directive will spring into place and your loved ones will be able to pick up where you left off as well as see to your care. One of the most important factors involved in a revocable living trust with springing power of attorney is the fact that your loved ones will not have to endure the involvement or often times interference of a judge.

  • The Privacy That Comes With a Trust

    In the age that we all live in, privacy is very important to us all. The third main reason to allow The Abrate & Olsen Law Group to maintain your living trust is due to privacy. At the event of your death your property and belongings will be divided and dispersed as you have directed, in private.

  • A Trust Will Get You Organized

    If your affairs are not in order then you may very well be surprised at the individuals who think they are entitled to their share of your property, belongings, and even finances. Hiring The Abrate & Olsen Law Group to walk you through the entire process of establishing a solid revocable living trust will force you to look into your financial affairs and get organized. You will need to locate your titles for all vehicles, deeds to real estate, corporate minutes, stock and bonds, and any other bank or financial information. This will all be housed with your trust and available at the time of reading if you choose for it to be. Not only does this step make you aware of what you actually possess it will teach you exactly how each of your properties are titled.

  • Cons of Establishing a Trust

    • Upfront costs: While the upfront costs are higher in general than that of setting up a last will and testament the overall cost involved in a trust will be cheaper. This is because having a trust will mean your loved ones do not have to use money to represent your last wishes in probate.
    • Funding the Trust: Quite possibly the most difficult part of a trust is funding it. Do not think that once you sign the trust it is completed, there is much more to do. There are several entities that need to be contacted; the banks, investors, insurance, agents, and of course the retitling of vehicles and motors as well as the signing of the deeds. While this is quite overwhelming with other law firms, at The Abrate & Olsen Law Group, we handle this for you. With very specific documents we are able to handle the funding of your trust for you. This in itself is a huge time saver, but not one that is offered by all firms.
    • Still Need a Will: This may sound confusing at first. The fact that you have signed a trust and still need a will may not make sense at first. However at The Abrate & Olsen Law Group our client’s best interests are our number one priority. A will is still needed to cover the individual during the trust process. If you get side tracked or the trust is not funded entirely before your demise there needs to be a will in place that will cover that. Referring to it as a Pour Over Will, which is a perfect name for it.



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