What is A Power of Attorney?

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A Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal form or forms that allows you to designate another person to act on your behalf under certain circumstances. The person who is designated by you is referred to as an Attorney-in-Fact or Agent and is given the power to make short or long-term decisions for you, referred to as the Principal.

There are distinct types of POAs that can cover a range of decision making responsibilities. The most common decisions made involve financial issues and medical care due to an accident, sickness, or death leaving you incapacitated or incapable of making a sound decision.

The best way to ensure a POA is well defined and legally binding is seeking the legal advice of an experienced estate planning attorney. When you are ready to protect yourself and loved ones our knowledgeable team of lawyers are here to guide you through the process.

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    Why You Need A Power of Attorney

    While generally thought of as an estate planning tool used to make decisions later in life, there are many circumstances in which you should consider developing a POA including:

    • Having a family history of or being diagnosed with a serious illness
    • Being employed in a hazardous work environment
    • Regular travel outside of the country
    • Owning a business or property which requires maintaining in your absence
    • Providing for children or loved ones in your absence
    • Deployment in the military and not being easily accessible to make needed decisions

    While planning for an unexpected accident, sickness or death can be uncomfortable, proactive preparation can help ensure the decisions made on your behalf follow your desires. When you are ready to plan for your future, you can rest assured our attorneys are here to assist you through every step of the process.

    We listen to your unique situation and requirements and will recommend and explain the best options available to you. Please contact our office to talk about your current needs.

    After moving my father into a nursing home for memory care, I quickly realized the importance of medical POA. Mike Abrate from Abrate & Olsen Law Group was able to clearly explain the health care decisions that the power of attorney granted me to make. I can’t thank Mike enough for all of his legal advice!– Steven V., Sacramento, CA

    Ensure the Legal Validity and Protection

    The best way to ensure a POA form has been drafted in accordance with local laws is consulting with an experienced attorney. They can provide legal advice regarding the which will best fit your unique needs, ensure all required supporting documents are included, required signatures, notarizing, or certifications are made.

    Once completed, you should keep the original document somewhere accessible to the agent in the event it is needed. should distribute certified copies to your agent, attorney, other necessary parties, and file a certified copy with your County Clerk’s office if required. Be sure to discuss your decision and wishes with immediate family members who could be affected.


    Should circumstances in your life change, revoking the POA is a relatively straightforward process. First notify your agent in writing through certified mail. Next collect any copies which were distributed and if necessary notify any financial institutions, your attorney, and the Country Clerk’s office, that the agent’s power of attorney has been revoked.

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