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Facing a felony charge? The very first action you should take is calling our experienced criminal defense attorneys at Abrate & Olsen Law Group to schedule your Felony Defense Consultation.

Felony cases are complicated, can be confusing, and can carry harsh penalties. Having expert legal advice on your side as soon as possible is the best way to take action.

If you or a loved one is currently being charged with a felony or may be facing felony charges, getting the right legal advice and representation can be the difference between a conviction or acquittal.

Our experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys at the Abrate & Olsen Law Group have helped many clients just like you achieve favorable outcomes in their Felony Trials.

Continue reading to learn more about the differences between felony charges and legalities, or contact us today to schedule a consultation to review your individual situation.

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What is a Felony?

A felony is classified under an offense that results in being incarcerated for at least one year in a prison if found guilty. These offenses include burglary, robbery, drug crimes, fraud, attempted murder, arson, homicide, and other various violent or non-violent crimes.

There are differences between being arrested for a felony and charged for a felony. A felony arrest is when someone has been arrested for suspicion of committing a felony, while a felony charge is more serious as there has been evidence found for committing the felony.

What is the Difference Between a Felony and Misdemeanor?

As noted previously, a felony is a serious crime that results in prison time of at least one year. On the other side, a misdemeanor is a less serious crime that results in jail time of less than one year or a fine.

Examples of common misdemeanors are vandalism, prostitution, public intoxication, trespassing, reckless driving, and petty theft.

There are some misdemeanors that can be charged as felonies depending on the situation. These serious misdemeanors that can lead to a felony charge include domestic violence, custody interference, embezzlement, and drunk driving/DUI/DWI.

Understand the Outcome of A Felony Conviction

Felony convictions have serious impacts on your current and future careers, your family, and your future overall. Because these charges are taken very seriously, hiring a skilled attorney is the best decision moving forward.

Felony convictions can result in prison time, not jail time. Sentences are generally at least one year or more, depending on the crime.

After being convicted of a felony you lose some fundamental rights including the right to vote and in some cases the right to own a firearm.

When facing these potential outcomes of a felony, you can clearly see why having an experienced Felony Defense Attorney is vital in understanding and possibly lessening the charges.

We are Felony Legal Experts ready to help and guide you through this process. We will always work to achieve your best possible outcome for your individual case.

Is it Possible to Remove a Felony Conviction?

Yes, it is possible to get rid of a felony arrest from your criminal record. This is called expungement or “record sealing.” When a felony has been removed from your record, it is not accessible to the public (i.e. a future employer).

Learn more about our record sealing legal services on our Expungement page.

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