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Are you facing petty theft charges?

Petty theft is a crime that refers to intentionally taking the property of another without permission and with the intent to use what was taken for one’s personal use. If that personal property is valued at $400 or less than the state of California considers the crime to be misdemeanor petty theft. These charges, with up to three years of probation, a $1000 fine and up to six months in jail.

Since employers are privy to theft convictions, being found guilty of any form of petty theft such as shoplifting can have far-reaching negative effects. We are able to provide legal representation related to theft crimes that is effective and experienced.

Petty theft has several facets in the state of California. Removing somebody’s property without their consent is considered larceny. Presenting a false identity to obtain property, land, labor, or money is considered petty theft using false pretenses. And depriving somebody of something that was entrusted to you is known as embezzlement. We can further educate you on the charges you face and the best legal strategy to confront them. We have fought many criminal cases and have the experience to fight for your rights.

The intent of the person accused of petty theft is the most important part of these types of cases. To be successful a prosecutor must prove that the accused had an intention to steal. This includes cases where the intention after the theft was to sell the property, receive a refund for the item, or collect the reward. We have first-hand knowledge of how these cases are prosecuted and can provide unique insight for defending them.

One area that legal defense can help your case is in the determination of the value of the stolen item. This is not always cut and dry. For first offenders with stolen items valued less than $50 charges may be reduced down to an infraction from a misdemeanor which carries a maximum punishment of a $250 fine. We will negotiate with prosecutors for community service or education classes to avoid fines. We can also help in cases of false accusation. Give us a call.

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