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Business law for existing businesses requires expert legal counsel to successfully protect and run your business. Understanding how to properly construct legal documents, such as business and employment contracts, mergers, buying and selling agreements and annual minute reports can be just as important to your company as choosing your business formation. With the Abrate & Olsen Law Group, you can rest assured that you have found a law office that will ensure that your company’s legal documents are legally binding and protect your business interests.

Our experienced business law attorneys have helped many business owners, just like you, by providing legal advice to create legal documents required to successfully run your business. We provide you with legal resources, similar to those of in-house counsel, at affordable hourly rates. Our goal is to help you avoid potential business disputes with employees and other companies with whom you do business. You know how to run your business and we know how to protect it.

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“After having a business dispute with one of our employees that cost our business thousands in legal fees, we turned to Abrate & Olsen to create new contracts to protect us in the future. Their knowledge of employment law was beyond helpful. We have now used their law firm for all of our legal matters and recommend them to any business owners searching for trustworthy business lawyers.” –  Jerry W. Sacramento, CA

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Need Assistance Creating Legal Documents for Your Business?

Need Assistance Creating Legal Documents for Your Business?
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Legal Counsel for Established Businesses

Top view of desk with legal documents being signed and shaking handsWhile running the day-to-day activities for your company, there are many legal issues with which your company may need assistance. At the Abrate & Olsen Law Group, we provide your organization with the legal resources to keep your company running smoothly and protected from potential legal problems.

Some of our most common legal services for an established business include:

  1. Contracts and Agreements
  2. Purchase, Sale, & Merger Agreements
  3. Business Partnership Dissolution
  4. Annual Minute Reports
1. Contracts and Agreements
There are many reasons that your company may need solid business contracts or agreements in place. Having a written contract or agreement to fully explain the details, limitations, and expectations is the first and best line of defense should an employment law or business dispute arise. Our experienced business attorneys can develop ironclad business contracts or agreements, including:

  • Employment Contracts
  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Nondisclosure and Noncompete Agreements
  • Form Vendor or Client Agreements
  • Customer Liability Waivers

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2. Purchase, Sale & Merger Agreements
During the course of your business, you may realize an opportunity to grow your business through acquiring or merging with another company. Acquisition of another company, or their assets, can take many forms such as a stock purchase agreement, asset purchase agreement, tender offer document, or merger agreement. No matter the specific form your situation requires, our business lawyers can help ensure that your company’s interests are protected.

In some instances, the selling company is charged with creating the agreements, while in other instances the company making the purchase creates the documents. Having experienced business attorneys to review the information contained in, or to create, the agreements can help establish the tone of the negotiations and set your company up for the most successful outcome.

While each agreement is unique, most include similar sections that need to be well defined and understood. Sections that are commonly found in purchase and sale agreements include:

  • Execution Provisions
  • Representations and Warranties
  • Covenants
  • Conditions to Closing
  • Termination Provision
  • Break-Up Fees

No matter if you are on the buying or selling end of these agreements, our experienced law office will guide you through the process, providing the legal advice required to ensure your business interests are best protected.

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3. Business Partnership Dissolution
There are many reasons that business owners may want to dissolve their partnership. If a solid business partnership agreement was developed when the business was formed, it may have laid out the process for dissolving the partnership. Having a business law attorney review all the information contained in existing agreements can ensure any past agreements are fulfilled and no legal disagreements are raised in the future.

In situations where a clearly defined business partnership agreement was not established during the business formation, the easiest solution is to come to a mutual agreement between the partners. If an agreement cannot be reached, mediation through a business law firm may provide the best results and lowest legal fees. A final option includes having the court system make the final decision, commonly resulting in a 50-50 split of all assets and liabilities.

The process for dissolving a business partnership is governed by state law and requires legal documents to be filed with the state. Our attorneys have helped many business owners create and file the necessary legal documents with the state that will provide the best possible outcome for all partners involved.

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4. Annual Minute Reports
One of the most important duties of a corporation is to keep accurate records of their annual minutes. All states require that corporations hold at least one valid corporate meeting each year. The minutes are a recorded documentation of the corporate matters and important business decisions that are made regarding the company. At a minimum, the annual minutes must include:

  • Date and location of meeting
  • List of all persons who attended
  • A summary of the company’s actions throughout the last fiscal year

Keeping an accurate and timely record of the annual meeting is vital to maintaining the personal liability protection provided to owners through corporate law. Failing to keep an accurate record of the annual minutes can provide an opportunity to “Pierce the Corporate Veil”, opening the owners of the corporation up to personal liability.

One service we provide our corporate law clients is setting up a schedule, reminding them to hold the annual meeting and to record the annual minutes in a way that follows all regulations. We can also provide the necessary legal documentation to ensure not only that the meetings and minutes were performed, but that they were done so in accordance with all laws and regulations.

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