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Misdemeanors or felonies are how crimes are classified, which is dependent on the severity of the crime. The lesser of the two types of crimes is considered to be a misdemeanor. Generally, the punishment for a misdemeanor consists of jail time of up to a year, a fine, probation, court supervision, community service and/or any collaboration of these.

Crimes Often Charged as A Misdemeanor:

  • Assault – A physical attack against another person. A non-serious injury or one that doesn’t involve a weapon will usually result in a misdemeanor. Types of assault misdemeanors include; domestic violent, harassment and other simple assaults. Domestic violence would be when you assault someone living within your household. Harassment is having a distressing situation for someone, which may result in a person to worry about their own safety like stalking, for instance. Finally, for simple assault it would be punching someone intending to cause harm against them or even threatening to harm someone without hurting them.
  • Crimes towards public safety – A public safety violation is an action that could threaten the safety of persons located in close proximity. Disorderly conduct is classified as a misdemeanor where you are basically disturbing the peace. These types would include; public intoxication, loitering, traffic obstruction or driving vehicle with a loud car stereo.
  • Carrying an open container – Carrying open alcoholic containers in some or all public places is prohibited by law.
  • Minor in possession – This may relate to alcohol (whether opened or closed) or even drugs.
  • Prostitution – It is the exchange of some kind of sexual act for something of value like money.
  • DUI – Driving under the influence in most jurisdictions for a first offense DUI is classified as a misdemeanor, provided that there are no infuriating conditions.
  • Crimes Against Property – These types of crimes include damaging, taking or even going into property that is not yours. Some types of crimes would include; trespassing, vandalism or theft. Trespassing is when you enter another person’s property without having their permission. Vandalism consists of a deliberate action that damages or even destroys another person’s property without their permission. And finally, theft is taking someone’s property that doesn’t belong to you without the person’s permission.

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