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4 Types of Power of Attorney

Understanding the 4 Types of Power of Attorney Having a Power of Attorney is one of the first steps of making decisions with your loved ones easier. A Power of Attorney is a legal form or forms that allows you to designate an attorney-in-fact who will act on your...

What to know when choosing an Attorney-in-Fact or Agent

What is an Attorney-in-Fact or Agent? An Attorney-in-Fact or also known as Agent is an appointed person who will make short or long-term business decisions on behalf of the Principal. The person who chooses the Attorney-in-Fact is referred to as the Principal. The...

5 Ways to Avoid a DUI this St. Patrick’s Day

Drunk Driving and DUIs Are Easily Avoidable Each year March 17th greets us with plenty of green everywhere thanks to the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. As one of the nation’s most popular holidays, St. Patrick’s Day also doubles as one of the popular drinking...