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Are you or a loved one being charged for Domestic Violence? Abrate & Olsen Law Group have Legal Defense Options for you!

Being charged with domestic violence in California does not mean you are guilty. Our first goal is to get your charges dropped before the case goes to a trial.

As former Sacramento Deputy District Attorneys, Mike Abrate and Dan Olsen are very familiar with how prosecution and law enforcement investigate and develop the domestic violence case. You can rest assured that we will use our years of experience to uncover any errors or holes in their case.

Should your case head to trial, there are many potential defense strategies and options that we will explore based on your unique situation. Some of the most common domestic violence defenses are:

  • You have been falsely accused
  • The alleged victim’s injuries were not caused by you
  • You were acting in self-defense or in defense of another
  • The alleged victim’s injury was the result of an accident

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Plea Bargains for Lesser Charges

Depending on the facts of your case, the best legal strategy may be to have an experienced domestic violence attorney negotiate a favorable plea bargain.

A well-negotiated plea bargain can reduce your charges. This may allow you to minimize the sentencing as well as the personal and professional consequences that are associated with a domestic violence conviction.

Please visit our pleading to a felony page if your case is considered to be a felony.

Pre-trial Diversion Programs

In some cases, a skilled criminal domestic violence lawyer can negotiate with the DA to secure you a pre-trial diversion program or deferred entry of judgment (DEJ) for accused batterers.

With the successful completion of the batterers’ program, many charges can be dismissed, and the case dropped. If we believe this is the best option for your case, we will present all the requirements and benefits to you. Click here to learn more about Pre-Trial Diversion.

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~ Jonathan C. – Citrus Heights, CA

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