If you have been charged with a criminal offense, you will almost certainly gain from consulting with Sacramento’s leading criminal defense attorneys at the Abrate & Olsen Law Group.  During a criminal case, you will often hear the term “plea bargain” being said.  You may find with your criminal case that you accept a plea deal.  So, what does plea bargain even mean?

A plea bargain is a deal presented by a prosecutor to be used as a motivator for a defendant to plead guilty.  If you really think about it, if every single criminal case went to trial, more than likely the courts would be inundated and not able to handle all of the cases. With a plea bargain, it enables the prosecutor to obtain a guilty plea in a case that could end up going to trial normally.

There are two different types of plea bargains used.  The first type is called a charge bargain, which occurs when the prosecutor permits a defendant to plead guilty to a lesser charge.  The second type is called a sentence bargain, which occurs when a defendant is informed in advance of what the sentence would be if pleading guilty. With this type, it can assist a prosecutor with obtaining a conviction if for some reason the defendant is facing more serious charges and is afraid of being hit with the maximum sentence.  Ordinarily, sentence bargains can only be awarded if they are accepted by the trial judge.  Your Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney would go over how a plea bargain can help you with your case.

Commonly you may find in high profile cases, a sentence bargain being used when the prosecutor does not want to reduce any of the charges against the defendant.  A sentence bargain may permit the prosecutor to acquire a conviction for the most serious charge, while ensuring the defendant of a suitable sentence.

Once a plea bargain is accepted, it is considered to be a contract between the prosecutor and the defendant, which means both are expected to comply with the terms of the contract.  A prosecutor can revoke the plea bargain if you fail to satisfy your agreed duties.  Your Sacramento Criminal Defense lawyer will go over all of the details if you are given and accept a plea deal.

It is important and your attorney will certainly make certain that the plea deal is stated on record at the time of the plea deal.  It is usually a good idea to reference a written plea agreement on record, without reciting all of the terms.

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