Really, what is the difference between a DUI and a DWI?  There are some states that use the acronym DUI meaning “driving under the influence” while other states use the acronym DWI meaning “driving while intoxicated.”  Often there is confusion when DWI is used in a jurisdiction that uses DUI.  Basically, they mean the same thing, and a Criminal Defense Attorney will tell you which one applies in the jurisdiction.

DUI is typically a charge associated with drunk driving, but it can also apply to those who are undoubtedly under the influence of drugs or prescribed medications.  An individual is charged with a DUI with a blood-alcohol concentration of .08 when operating a motor vehicle, no matter if they are noticeably impaired or not because everyone handles the effects of alcohol differently.

In order to be actually convicted of a “drunk driving offense,” the individual must in fact be driving a vehicle.  There are some states that may even charge an individual for a DUI even if just sitting in the driver’s seat without the vehicle moving with the keys in the ignition.

A DWI is the same as a DUI and either is used depending on the particular jurisdiction that the offense occurs in.  Some states will say a DWI stands for “driving while intoxicated” while others say it means “driving while impaired.”  Regardless, they pretty much mean the same thing.  Whichever you call it, if you received a charge for drinking and driving, you want to get in touch with a Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney as soon as possible.

Jurisdictions that use the acronym, DWI may say it can be any type of impairment that can be grounds for criminal charges. It can even mean driving while being incapable of safely controlling a vehicle or even if falling asleep while driving a vehicle.  It can even apply if alcohol or drugs are not even involved.

Any individual that feels that they will be impaired while driving, regardless if from being sleepy, intoxicated or drug use, should find another means of transportation or wait it out until they feel they are no longer impaired to drive.  By doing so, will help the driver avoid any criminal prosecution or harming themselves or the safety of others.

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