At some point in life, some of us find ourselves in a predicament with the law. Some are accidental and some are intentional, never the less anyone should be without proper legal representation when circumstances dictate that one must go up against the legal system. This is a system with its own language and processes that most are unable to comprehend. Certainly, we must pay for our mistakes, but why should one person’s punishment be greater than another. A night out with the guys/girls seemed innocent enough, but you got pulled over for a burnt-out tail light. The officer smelled a little alcohol on your breath and now you have a serious problem. So next you hear the question, “public defender or private attorney?”

Public Defenders are very competent attorneys, but it is important to remember some important facts: they often have very large caseloads, they rarely have much time to devote to any one case, they don’t offer personalized service, and rarely seem to have your best interest in mind. This is why it is important to consider a private Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney to represent you in litigation.

The legal system is very confusing, and it is difficult to know all the procedures necessary for your best outcome. A public defender may miss filing the correct motion to help your case. There are many appearances that the Sacramento Defense Attorney must make and each one is important. Every step of the process must be handled correctly so that you receive a fair and speedy trial.

You have rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution, unless you have the right attorney handling your case you may not receive all the rights that are guaranteed to you. Prosecutors and District Attorneys will not remind you of your legal rights, that is the job of your Defense Lawyer.

Remember the state has their interest in mind when they are prosecuting a case, so you must do what is necessary to protect your rights. That can only be accomplished with a knowledgeable attorney like Daniel Olsen and Michael Abrate. Our attorneys have many years of experience. They will make defending your case understandable, and their records speak for themselves. Experienced with the ins and outs of every type of criminal law, they will fight for your to achieve the best results. Many cases that typically carry prison time can be mitigated down to probation or even court supervision. We all make mistakes but at the Abrate & Olsen Law Group, we believe everyone deserves the chance to pay his/her debt to society, learn from the mistake and carry on with life. For more information, please schedule a consultation to discuss your case today.