When you are in the limelight and are facing criminal charges, you will no doubt want the best Sacramento criminal defense attorney on your side. However, along with your representation there come multiple questions that seem to be confusing to a person outside of the legal understandings. There are several questions that you will want answered to ensure you are getting a fair trial and representation.

Here are a few of the most popular.

You may feel as though the police lied to you in order to gain your confession. So, did they do anything wrong? The answer is simple, no they did not. It has been tried and failed many times. The Supreme Court even has ruled that police officers are within their rights to no. Before you have spoken with your attorney, there is no point in time that you must speak with police officers or investigators at all. They are very well versed in scare tactics and will indeed use them against you when you are your most vulnerable.

Understanding what you should and should not discuss with the police is very important. While the police are placing you under arrest it is not wise to answer anything but the basics. Confirm your name and any identifying information. That only includes your name, DOB, social security number, and address. You have no obligation to answer anything else without legal representation.

Keep in mind that at no time is it okay or even acceptable to be rude, crass, or disrespectful to an officer. If you make the choice not to speak to them keep in mind things may not go smoothly or speedily in your favor. Cooperation is always best but if you decide to decline do it in a respectful manner.

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