Collecting Commercial Debts Successfully for Clients in Northern California


As a businessperson and business owner, chances are you work with other businesses, and suppliers that owe you money. You should not have to turn your accounts receivable department into a credit debt collection agency.

Past-due accounts can lead to lost business opportunities, as well as falling profits. We are here to help you collect the money that you are rightfully owed.

The experienced commercial debt attorneys at the Abrate & Olsen Law Group are here to take over the pain of collecting the money you are owed. Attorneys Michael Abrate and Daniel Olsen will create a legal strategy to maximize the recovery of commercial debts of all sizes.

“You know how to run your business, we know how to collect the money you are owed.”

Recovering Your Money is What We Do

The legal team over at the Abrate & Olsen Law Group have a proven strategy for commercial debt collection. This strategy provides clients with quick and effective actions to achieve the best results. Our law firm is not a collection agency and do not engage in consumer debt collection. We exclusively focus our services of debt collection for businesses and other professionals.

Businesses in Northern California, of all sizes and industries, have received the business debt they are owed thanks to our Sacramento business-to-business (B2B) collections attorneys. By engaging in aggressive commercial collections, we have attained a proven record and high success rate, stemming from pre- and post-judgement stages of litigation.

Commercial Debt Collection Services

Our Lawyers are available to offer advice and legal representation in many areas including:

  • Commercial Credit Debt Collection
  • Commercial Collection of Secured and Unsecured Property
  • Unpaid Consideration in Contracts
  • Unjust Enrichment Cases
  • Liens – Including Mechanic Liens
  • Professional Fees Owed – Including Consultation and Attorney Fees
  • Debts Owed for Goods and/or Services Sold or Delivered
  • Loans, Credit Benefit Letters, and Other Extension Documentations
  • Prejudgment Writ of Attachment
  • Prejudgment Relief
  • Enforcement of Post-Judgment Rights and Remedies
  • Nationwide Judgment Enforcements

Successful Debt Recovery Process

When you provide a service or good for a client, you are entitled to receive the compensation that was agreed upon during the exchange. Unfortunately, issues sometimes arise and clients fail to live up to their end of the contract. When a client fails to pay you, there’s an issue you are faced with in the hassle of trying to collect what is rightfully owed to you. Pursuing a business transaction that has developed into a breach of contract takes resources away from what you do best – running your business. Fortunately for you, the Abrate and Olsen Law Group has a proven debt recovery process to collect all money you are owed.

Our Commercial Debt Recovery Process includes:

  • Initial Contact and Debt Resolution Options
  • Pre-Judgement Writs of Attachment
  • Court System Representation
  • Pre- and Post-Judgment Collections

Initial Debt Resolution Options

Our goal is to provide your business with the fastest solution to recover the money owed to your business. The first stage in our debt collection strategy involves reviewing the contract that has been breached. Our business debt collection attorneys go through any previous payments that were made and/or missed and the history of communication between your business and the company that has defaulted.

After reviewing the situation, we draft a demand letter that fully lays out the current situation and the options available to the company to successfully resolve the debt collection. We represent your interests and work to negotiate with the company to provide a fast solution to resolve the business debt.

Pre-Judgement Writs of Attachment

Debtors can frequently attempt to evade court judgements and collections by transferring assets prior to court orders. Our attorneys work to protect our client’s interests by quickly obtaining court orders to prevent these deceptive tactics.

Our experienced lawyers pursue prejudgment writs of attachment to protect the value of potential judgements in your case. Establishing a prejudgment writ of attachment prevents debtors from concealing assets from the court or transferring them before a judgement is awarded.

This legal strategy is put into motion immediately following the initial filing of the debt collection action. This enables our clients to create a judicial lien on certain property the debtor holds prior to the final judgement.

Having decisive prejudgment relief in place encourages quick payment of the debt and can produce a favorable settlement in the very early stages of the litigation process. Following this strategy has resulted in cases that save our clients thousands of dollars in attorney and court fees that were avoided by a quick resolution.

Court System Representation

Some situations cannot be resolved by initial demand letters and negotiation. In these cases, our debt collection attorneys aggressively use the court system to apply additional pressure to resolving the situation.

The Abrate & Olsen Law Group initiates a variety of effective tools that aid in achieving favorable outcomes of breach of contract litigation, including audits and extensive investigations of liability and assets.

Our commercial debt collection lawyers then build and present your case before a judge in a court of law. Securing a favorable judgement in your case provides even more collection tactics we can use to recover what is owed to you.

Court Judgements Don’t Guarantee Payment

Securing a favorable judgement is not a guarantee to retain payment. However, our attorneys use a variety of legal tactics to guard your rights and quickly secure the money owed, including:

  • Wage Garnishments
  • Bank Account Levies
  • Repossessions
  • Liens on Property

Our experienced Commercial Debt Collection Attorneys have an in-depth knowledge of all applicable laws, the proven techniques, and persistence required to provide the successful outcome you deserve. Recovering the money that you are owed is our top priority.

Fast Actions Produce Results

Don’t take time away from running your business to collect the money you are owed. When you need to recover past due business debts, you need an aggressive attorney that has experience, proven tactics, and high success rate to collect the money your business deserves. Our experienced lawyers will work hard to get results for you. Contact the Abrate & Olsen Law Group today for a free consultation of your situation with our experienced and reputable commercial collection attorneys.

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